Administrative Office Hours

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Requests for reports, pistol permits, vacation house check forms, payment of parking tickets, and other administrative requests should be submitted or picked up during these hours. The administrative office staff are unavailable between 12:00 - 1:00 pm.

Mission Statement

We, the men and women of the Henniker Police Department, are dedicated to providing excellent service through community and professional partnerships that build trust, reduce crime, create a safe environment, and enhance the quality of life in our community. We will work together to make Henniker truly New Hampshire's outstanding "all-American town."

A Message from the Chief

In October 1992 at 22 years old I began my career in law enforcement with the Town of Henniker as a part-time police officer. I remember testing with 30-40 other people who were also trying to get their start. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Chief Tim Russell for one of the two open positions. As a part-time officer we worked on short notice, on demand, nights, days, weekends whatever shifts needed to be covered for vacations, sick time, or training etc. In August of 1995 I was appointed to a full-time position after the departure of a full-time officer. This was an open and competitive process. I was fortunate to be selected for this open position. In June of 2004 I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant upon the retirement of Sergeant Doug Paul after an eight month in-house evaluation process of three officers that met the qualifications. As Sergeant, I was responsible for the patrol function of the agency, scheduling, payroll, yearly evaluations as well as conducting standard police work. For the most part, I worked Tuesday through Saturday 2p-10pm while filling in for shift coverage when needed. I held this position until late June of 2015. On June 28th I left Henniker for a Lieutenants position with the New Boston, New Hampshire Police Department. It was not an easy decision to step out of my comfort zone, however it was time for a change. Under Chief Brace, I was exposed to new technology, new ideas and a refreshed approach to the job that is police work. I met some outstanding young officers who had a strong desire to learn the job. However, I quickly realized how far behind Henniker was with technology compared to New Boston, as well as other surrounding agencies. I learned a lot from Chief Brace, more than I could have expected and had a promising continued career in New Boston.

In February of 2016 I applied for the Henniker Police Chiefs position. I truly never expected to have the opportunity to return to Henniker. The phone calls, the emails, the text messages, the in person contacts supporting me to return were overwhelming. It was truly humbling. I prepared myself as best I could for the interview process, and was very fortunate to have been selected as the next Police Chief for the Town of Henniker thus on April 30th, I was able to “come home."

After all I might have grown up in Contoocook, but “I grew up in Henniker.”

Moving forward, it is my hope and plan to update the technology within the agency. Laptops in the cruisers save so much time and effort, not just for the officer working the road, but for the administrative staff as well. Just the time, effort and redundancy saved for a common motor vehicle stop between how it has been done in Henniker, compared to not just New Boston, but nearly every other agency in the state is tremendous. Perhaps I can outline that process at another time.

As the Chief of Police, I find myself heading an agency of well trained and professional officers. I have previously worked with and also supervised most of them. I have worked my way up within this agency which gives me clear insight and experience with working as a part-time officer and the expectations that come with the position, working rotating shifts, nights, weekends, and holidays, being away from family are not forgotten. I have worked closely with New England College for many years in many areas. I have a clear understanding of what it takes to make this department run, and now a new vision on where to take the department in the every changing world of law enforcement.

We have all been brought up in the world of “community policing” which to me means a way of life in policing not just a buzz word. We do this by problem solving, being proactive, responding to calls in a timely manner, treating people in a professional manner thereby promoting a working partnership between the police and the citizens we serve.

I look forward to serving as Police Chief in a truly unique and special town.

Chief Matt French

Pistol Permits

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