Active Cemeteries

The active cemetery on Old Concord Road in Henniker NH, also known as the "New Cemetery," is managed by a private, non-profit organization, the Henniker Cemetery Association. Questions about plots should be directed to Tim McComish at (603) 470-9191.

New Henniker Cemetery Burial Plot Pricing2023 
Four Casket Plot$1,050
Cremation Plot (Two cremations) $600


Historic Cemeteries

The historic cemeteries throughout the town of Henniker are managed by the town's Cemetery Trustees. The Trustees are elected officials, voted on every March by the townspeople. The Trustees oversee the following actively maintained cemeteries:

  • Center Cemetery (also known as Old Cemetery)
  • First Burial Yard
  • Plummer Cemetery
  • Quaker/Friends Cemetery

Historic cemeteries (located on private property)

  • Colby Cemetery
  • Patten Family Yard
  • Gordon Graveyard
  • Harriman & Huse Cemetery
  • Chase Yard

The Cemetery Trustees are elected officials. For information on running for office, please contact the Town Clerk at (603) 428-3240 or click here to e-mail.

Cemetery Trustees

NamePositionTerm End Date
Tim McComish


Town Mtg. 2025

Jennifer Vajgrt


Town Mtg. 2026

Sue Fetzer


Town Mtg. 2027