Safety and Loss Prevention Committee

Mission / Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Safety & Loss Prevention Committee, as required by Title XXIII, RSA 281-A:64, is to bring workers and management together to work cooperatively to promote workplace safety, assist the employer and make recommendations for change. Committee responsibilities have been developed in order to comply with the guidelines set forth in the NH Code of Administrative Rules Chapter Lab 600.

Goals & Objectives

A. Provides an open forum for free discussion of both accident problems and preventive measures
B. Encourages participation and suggestions from all employees
C. Meets no less than quarterly
D. Makes Minutes of all meetings available to employees
E. Develops a committee policy statement, goals and objectives and disseminates them to all employees
F. Reviews workplace accident and injury data to establish goal and objectives
G. Assists with accident investigations and makes recommendations for prevention of future occurrence
H. Shall be composed of a minimum of 4 members and be representative of the major work activities of the Town.
I. Should be composed of equal numbers of employer and employee representatives whenever possible. Employee representatives are to be selected by employees.
J. Elects a chairperson and rotates the position between employee and employer representatives
K. Establishes an annual inspection process to identify potential or existing hazards
L. Use the State of New Hampshire Deparmtnet5 of Labor Administrative Rules for Safety and Health, Chapter LAB 1400 as a guide for annual inspections
M. Audits, no less than annually, the findings of such inspections
N. Communicates hazard identification and recommends action steps to department heads and management
O. Assists with identification of safety and health training for employees
P. Assists, upon request, with identification of temporary, alternate tasks