Transfer Station / Recycling Center


From the center of town, head on Route 114 South towards Weare.  The facility is on the left, one mile past Intervale Pancake House.

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Right to Use

Henniker Transfer Station & Swap Shop is open to properly permitted Henniker Residents only.

Transfer Station decals are issued every two years. Current Valid decals are Dark Green and expire September 2024.  2023 & 2024 decals are free of charge. Vehicle Registration and corresponding vehicle must be present to obtain decal. Current Utility bill, Henniker Tax bill, Purchase and Sales agreement, or lease/rental agreement are acceptable substitutes in the absence of vehicle registration. Decals must be placed on vehicle by a Transfer Station Employee at time of issue. Henniker residents who wish to have contractors or cleaners dispose of waste from work done on Henniker properties must provide a written statement with contact information and current decal number. This must be presented to an attendant BEFORE use of our facility.


On April 19, 2022 the Selectboard voted to allow the acceptance of brush at the Transfer Station during regular hours in the designated area.  Brush must be inspected for non-conforming items before depositing in the designated area. Effective July 1, 2021 the town PERMANENTLY discontinued burning brush at the transfer station.  The town recognizes the importance of having a place to safely discard brush and is evaluating methods of brush disposal.  Brush may still be brought to: Cousineau Forest Products located at 1310 Old Concord Road, Henniker, NH Cousineau fees are as follows:  (Prices subject to change)


While many other Transfer Stations have chosen to close their Swap Shops, we feel strongly about the overall benefit of keeping ours open.  Swap Shops reduce the amount of solid waste hauled from our facility which in turn saves YOU money!  It is also a truly valuable resource for our community.  Although it is in need of fine tuning to keep unacceptable items out, for the most part it has far more benefit than problem.  Please help us to keep it that way!  Please donate items that are in clean, reusable order.  Items that may not be placed in the swap shop regardless of working order are as follows:

No car seats, dangerous items or any items associated with a fee, example: Freon items, Televisions, etc. Please see Attendant should you have questions.


SWAP SHOP Hours of Operation: 

Tuesday 12pm-4:30pm 

Thursday 12pm-4:30pm 

Saturdays & Sundays 9am-4:30pm

Standard Recycling & Disposal

Our Town of Henniker does not have mandatory recycling, however, anything that we can keep out of the solid waste stream saves YOU money! Please read the instructional signs and RECYCLE RIGHT! All recyclable items must be empty, clean & dry. Dirty recyclables attract vermin.

ALUMUMIN: Loose beverage cans only. Crushed is better but not required. NO BAGS! NO GLASS! NO PIE PLATES OR PET FOOD CANS!

TIN CANS & ALUMINUM PIE PLATES: These may be placed in our blue steel dumpster along with steel food cans. These include pet food cans and lids.

GLASS BOTTLES & JARS: We accept: Glass beer, wine & beverage bottles, glass sauce or food jars only! These may be placed in our blue steel dumpster for recycling. Do not place ceramics or flat glass in this dumpster!

#1 PETE PLASTIC: We accept #1 PETE Plastic in the form of bottles and jars only. They must be TRANSPARENT clear, green, blue such as beverage bottles, dish soap, spray, and condiment bottles. PLEASE REMOVE AND DISCARD ALL CAPS. For your convenience, there is a receptacle between the plastics windows to discard these. WE DO NOT ACCEPT: plastic egg cartons, berry boxes, salad containers, cake trays, plastic grocery bags, 6 pack rings, Tupperware, or other food storage containers. Although many of these plastics are #1 PETE, our vendor does not accept these forms of #1 PETE. 

#2 HDPE PLASTIC: We accept #2 HDPE Plastic in the form of bottles and jugs only. Examples include: Milk, Laundry detergent jugs etcetera.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT any #2 plastics that contained automotive products such as oil or other automobile fluids, or those that contained pesticides, herbicides or other caustic fluids or powders. These, when empty, may be disposed of along with your household waste.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT #3-#7: NO Styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, flowerpots, berry boxes, salad/vegetable containers, plastic egg cartons, Dunkin Donut cups/straws, Solo cups, meat trays, yogurt/cottage cheese type containers. They may be discarded along with your household waste.

MIXED PAPER: Newspaper, junk mail, cereal boxes, magazines, flyers, non-corrugated shoe boxes, and milk/orange juice cartons. Staples and cellophane window in envelopes are acceptable. Shredded paper is accepted; please bag in paper or in a bag that you do not need back. PLEASE DO NOT DUMP LOOSE SHREDDED PAPER INTO WINDOW!

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: Our window for cardboard is for corrugated cardboard ONLY! Corrugated cardboard is box cardboard such as Amazon, HelloFresh, Pet Co., ETC boxes & Shipping boxes. Pizza boxes must be EMPTY, NO GREASY ROUNDS PLEASE!

Recycling & Disposal

CERAMICS: Please see an attendant for ceramics such as pottery, clay pots, broken figurines etcetera.

CLOTHING: All used clothing & footwear must be CLEAN, DRY & BAGGED! We currently have EcoSmith Clothing Collection containers for your convenience. If you choose to leave clothing in our Swap Shop, it must be clean and dry. Please hang on our clothing rack.

FLAT GLASS: Flat glass such as picture frame glass, mirrors and windowpane glass can be placed in our Construction and Demolition container. Please see an Attendant as fees may apply for large quantities.

SCRAP METAL: We accept scrap metal. All types of metal including Washers/Dryers, Water Heaters, Stoves/Ovens, Bicycles, Rims without rubber, etc. Yard equipment such as Mowers, Weed-whackers, Chain saws must be drained of fluids before disposal.  There is NO fee for disposal of scrap metal.  Your contribution of scrap metal brings back revenue for our town and helps offset waste disposal and tipping Thank you!!!

FREON CONTAINING APPLIANCES/UNITS: Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers: $10.00 Disposal Fee


MERCURY CONTAINING DEVICES: LCD TV's, Laptop Computers: $10.00 Disposal Fee

Thermometers, Barometers, Button Cell Batteries, Cell Phones, Older thermostats, Smoke Detectors, Older Appliances.  Must see Attendant, Disposal Fees May Apply!  When in doubt about an item, please ask.

SMOKE DETECTORS: Ionization Chamber Smoke Detectors (ICSD's) contain a small amount of ionizing radiation.  These must be given to an Attendant.  Do NOT place in household trash!

ALKALINE BATTERIES:  May be placed directly in your regular trash, however, PLEASE tape over contact points to prevent fire.

RECHARGABLE BATTERIES:  LITHIUM, NICAD, NiMH, & BUTTON CELL Batteries may not be placed in regular trash.  Please place any rechargeable batteries in the pails on our Battery Collection shelf beside our hopper.

LIGHT BULBS:  We accept fluorescent bulbs, Tubes, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL's). No charge for disposal.  Do NOT place in household trash!

MICROWAVES:  We accept Microwave Ovens. Disposal Fee $10.00.  Please discard the contents (Glass turntable and ring).

USED MOTOR OIL:  We accept used/new motor oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, bar & chain oil.  WE DO NOT accept Gasoline or Antifreeze currently.  We heat our facility with your contribution of waste oil thank you!

VEGETABLE OIL RECYCLING:  We accept Cooking Oil Products, Canola, Soy, Palm, Corn, Peanut, Cotton Seed, Sunflower, Vegetable oils.  MUST BE IN A LIQUID STATE!  We DO NOT accept LARD or Solid Shortening!

AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES:  We accept Automotive, Motorcycle, & Marine deep cycle batteries for recycling.

U.S. FLAGS:  We accept your worn out, retired flags for proper honorable disposal.

ITEMS listed below DO NOT go into hopper.  Must see an Attendant as Fees may apply:

CONSTRUCTION & DOMOLITION DEBRIS:  See attendant. This excludes drywall/asphalt shingles. 

C&D SHEETROCK/ASPHALT SHINGLES:  Due to the increased weight of these items, pricing is as follows:  $100.00 per standard pickup truck bed filled to water level.

BULKY FURNITURE:  ALL furniture is disposed of in our C&D containers.  Fees Apply.  Must see Attendant BEFORE disposal.

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE:  Henniker Transfer Station in cooperation with Clean Harbors, holds a Household Hazardous Waste Day annually in the fall.  Please call for details.

PLEASE NOTE:  Markets for recyclables are constantly changing.  As the market changes, we must change with it to maximize the return pf revenue to our Town.  Please understand that the guidelines above are subject to

 If an item is not yet listed and you have questions, please feel free to check back later or to contact us.

              Transfer Station Manager:

               Marc Boisvert at 603-428-7604

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Matthew Bumford Assistant Manager (603) 428-7604
Marc Boisvert Manager (603) 428-7604 Station
Zach Dodge Attendant
Starr Klein Attendant (603) 428-7604