Town Administrator

The Town Administrator is appointed by the Select Board to function as the Administrative Officer of the Town, responsible for the proper administration of the town government. He is responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of all Department Heads and all Town departments. He administers the personnel, financial, and purchasing policies of the Town. He performs the duties of the position independently on his initiative, determining situations warranting the Select Board's attention and presenting recommendations for corrective actions. The Town Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Select Board.

The Town Administrator carries out policy decisions of the Select Board, and oversees all property owned by the Town. The Administrator keeps the Select Board informed of the Town’s needs and ongoing conditions, makes reports as may be required by law, requested by the Select Board, or judged necessary by the Administrator.

The Town Administrator attends numerous meetings including those of the Select Board where he takes part in all discussions that come before the Board, but acts in a non-voting advisory capacity. He also represents the Town at events and outside activities and promotes and maintains responsive community relations.

The Town Administrator prepares the Town budget for presentation at the annual Town Meeting; ensuring that that the warrant articles meet all legal guidelines, including public notice requirements. He is responsible for the preparation of the Town Report.

Joe Devine has served as the Town Administrator since October 2019. If you have questions for him, he can be reached using the contact information on this page. 

Please note that we maintain an “open door” policy. If it is not convenient for you to drop by the Town Hall, please submit an online Citizen Request Form.

NameTitlePhone Number

Town Administrator

(603) 428-3221 ext. 105

Executive Secretary

(603) 428-3221 ext. 101