Visitor Orientation to the Board of Selectmen Meetings

Regular Board of Selectmen Meetings are held at 6:15pm the first and second Tuesday of every month at the Henniker Community Center.  Parking and entrance may be accessed via Crescent St. 

Please be aware the Board of Selectmen meeting are open to the public.  The Board may or may not vote to into one or more non-public sessions citing RSA 91-A:3, II (a-I) either before, during or at the end of regularly scheduled meeting.

Please note that the purpose of the meeting is for the Selectmen to accomplish its work within a qualitative timeframe. The Chair will preserve strict order and decorum at all Board of Selectmen meetings. Outbursts from the public are not permitted.

Meetings are open to the public, but public participation is limited. If you wish to be heard by the board, please note the "Public Comment" at the beginning and end of the meeting to speak about items on a meeting agenda and/or matters pertaining to the business of the Selectmen.

In addition, public hearings may be scheduled for public comment on specific matters. Speakers must be residents of the Town of Henniker, property owners in the town of Henniker, and/or designated representatives of recognized civic organizations or businesses located in the Town of Henniker.

Speakers are required to address the Board of Selectmen from the microphone at the podium. 

Speakers shall recite their name and address for the record.

Visitors should address their comments to the board and not to any individual member.

Each speaker shall be provided with a single opportunity for comment, limited to three (3) minutes.

Public forum shall be limited to fifteen (15) minutes.

Visitors should not expect a response to their comments or questions since the Board may not have discussed or taken a position on a matter. Public Comment is not a two-way dialogue between speaker(s), Selectmen, and/or the Town Administrator.