With the mailing of the December tax bill, filing time has once again started for exemptions and credits, abatements and deferrals.
If you are elderly, disabled, blind, a veteran, a veteran’s widow/widower, have a solar system or a wood heating system, or are unable to pay taxes due to poverty or other good cause you may be eligible for a tax exemption, credit, abatement or deferral after meeting a certain criteria.
A taxpayer may also, by March 1, 2023 apply in writing to the Selectmen or Assessor for an abatement as provided under RSA 76:16.
For details and application information please go to and click on Assessing under the Town Department tab. Or you may pick up an application at the Henniker Town Hall, 18 Depot Hill Road, or call the Assessing Department at (603) 428- 3221 x 2 for more information.
Deadlines for Abatements and Deferrals:  March 1, 2023
Deadlines for Exemptions and Credits:       April, 15, 2023

Please note that if you already have a solar energy system or have recently installed one, you may qualify for an exemption. Solar energy systems are assessed and taxable and an exemption is not automatically applied. The property owner must apply for the exemption by April 1st in the year for which the exemption is sought. Exemptions are not applied retroactively.