Cogswell Spring Water Works Water Users

The Board of Water Commissioners understands that there are some folks that will be installing a drilled well on their property.

The Water Department Cross Connection Control Regulations, page eight subpart nine states the following. “Any Owner, having a private well or any other private water source, must be physically disconnected from the Cogswell Spring Water Works water supply.”

You may bring the supply line from the well into your home but it cannot be connected into the existing plumbing that is supplied by CSWW. Doing so would result in a Direct Cross Connection, which is in violation of the Cross Connection Rules and Regulations and will result in CSWW personnel disconnecting your home from public water supply.

If the intent is to bring the supply line from the well into your home and use it for outside use only then once completed CSWW personnel would have to come and inspect the installation to be sure that there is no Cross Connection.

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Staff Contacts

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Norm Bumford Superintendent
Ryan Bumford Systems Operator