Recyclable Items

Recyclable Items

These items help to reduce the amount of solid waste we must dispose of. This reduces costs as we avoid a disposal fee and also may generate income as some of the recycled items are sold. Additionally, this reduces the amount of garbage we contribute to the incinerator and ash landfill, and this is better for everyone!

Aluminum: Cans.  Beer and soda cans only.          

Tin Cans: Lids also accepted.  Pet food cans and aluminum pie plates/foil. Please rinse or they may not be recycled.

Cardboard: Corrugated, milk/egg cartons, paper towel rolls, cereal/cracker boxes, pizza boxes, etc….Clean products only, please check to make sure cardboard is free from grease and other contaminants. Staples ok.

Paper/junk mail/magazines: Any paper product.  Staples, cellophane windows in envelopes and shredded paper are accepted. Please box or bag.

Newspaper: boxed or bagged and separated from other paper.

Plastic: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 containers and plastic grocery bags. Do Not need to be sorted by type.  Please look for examples on the wall at the Recycling Center or ask an attendant if you have questions. It is important to rinse containers to prevent vermin or the items may not be recycled.

Glass & Ceramics: Bottles (rinsed please), mirrors, window glass and ceramics. NO light bulbs or automobile glass. Please recycle with care to avoid shattering and posing a safety risk.

Scrap Metal: including dryers, washing machines, stoves, water heaters, bicycles & riding lawn mowers without tires, reclining chair & couch frames and tire rims without rubber. Please remove all fuels and fluids.

Clothing: Clean & wearable clothing and shoes, please bag. No toys (with the exception of stuffed animals) or non-wearable items.

Light bulbs: Fluorescent & compact fluorescent bulbs only.

Swap Shop: This is a community service for citizens to exchange clean, working and usable items at no charge.**Items that are Not accepted are clothing or cloth of any type, no car seats, knives, other sharp objects or ammunition. no food, no chemicals or paints, no TV’s or computer monitors, no microwaves, AC’s, dehumidifiers, or refrigerators, no broken, dirty or unusable materials and of course none of the recycled or disposal items listed in this pamphlet.

Batteries: Automobile (any lead-acid), lithium, rechargeable and Ni-cad (watch batteries, computer laptop batteries, etc.) Please see attendant for disposal instructions. Standard alkaline batteries can now go in the regular trash.

Cell phones: may be disposed of in the rechargeable battery bin.

Computer Monitors/TV Screens: Greater than 4 inches. $7 disposal fee

Microwaves: $5 Disposal Fee

Freon Containing Appliances: $10 Disposal fee (e.g. Dehumidifiers, Refrigerators, Freezers, A/C, etc.)                                   

Motor Oil, Kerosene, Hydraulic Fluid: Not contaminated with gas, water or antifreeze. Please see attendant before dropping off.

Tires: Car and light truck tires. No rims.  $2 disposal fee. See attendant for disposal questions.

Propane Cylinders: 20 lb. tanks $2 disposal fee.  30 lb. tanks $5 disposal fee.