History of Henniker Rescue Squad

The Henniker rescue squad has a long tradition of outstanding service and commitment to the residents and visitors of the town of Henniker.  Organized in 1969, the squad has a long history with many firsts such as having two members attend the first national EMT course, running one of the first standardized EMT training courses in New Hampshire, and being the first squad in the state with all members nationally certified.  The squad has set standards that volunteer EMS squads strive to achieve. 

In 2008 the Rescue Squad lost a great friend in founding member Joe Parish.  After Joe succumbed to illness, we reflected on how far the squad has come since its inception.  As we mourn the loss of Joe, we take pause of the work done by those that have come before us as we enter into our 40th year of service.

In 1969 the Rescue Squad was born as a result of tragedy.  At that time there was no easy way to get someone to emergency medical care.  Nine dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to establish a reliable response network within the Town to offer this service.  Since inception the Rescue Squad has striven to meet five simple goals; the visions of our founders:

  • To provide a necessary and adequate emergency medical service system to the Town of Henniker and the surrounding communities under appropriate mutual aid agreements.  This service is to be the best possible, within the limits of this call organization.
  • To maintain a program of continuing training for all members of the Henniker Rescue Squad.
  • To promote and advance the interests of the Henniker Rescue Squad.
  • To promote the public welfare.
  • To maintain coordination with all the other agencies directly or indirectly involved with the Henniker Rescue Squad.

It was the vision of these men that set the precedence for all of us to live up to.  We take great pride in carrying on the tradition that was started those 40 years ago.  To that end we strive to maintain a diversified membership that responds at all levels of national certification.

Last year, the call volume increased after three years of being relatively even.  In 2009 the squad responded to 581 medical emergency calls.  Most of these calls were for trauma or cardiac related emergencies.  Currently, the Henniker Rescue Squad has 10 EMT-Basics, 3 EMT-Intermediates, and 2 Paramedics.

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